Sobe Arush Energy Drink Advertisement

Unsuccessful Advertisement

In this advertisment, there are very few visual elements. The main subjects are the rock climbers in the center of the image. However, the color of the image does not create any contrast that would focus the viewer’s attention immediately on the figures. Once the viewer sees the figures, he or she would see that the woman is placing a can of Sobe into the man’s unscrewed arm. From this image, robots or androids from movies comes to mind. Besides selling the actual energy drink, this advertisement seems to be telling viewers that it won’t just give you energy, but it will make you stronger and better than before.

For this advertisment, the second principle is the best to use. “Visuals are carefully arranged views of reality, not reality itself.” This principle is relatable to the ad because the image appears to be a realistic depiction of rock-climbers preparing to climb, but then the viewer sees the detached arm and the woman placing an energy drink into the man’s bicep area.

The ad only slightly relies on background information from the viewer. The only background information the viewer needs to understand is that rock-climbing takes a lot of energy and strength to do regularly. With that information, Sobe shows that viewers can have both those qualities with their product.

In comparison to Sobe’s other advertisements, this one is the most realistic. Sobe usually does not use real images for their advertisements. Instead, a lot of their ads involve their logo of two lizards as animated characters.

I envision the target audience as mainly teenagers and active men and women. Along with this target age group, Sobe’s energy drink may also appeal to people who would prefer a drink with a different taste as Redbull or Monster.

The ad is not very successful due to the lack of color and eye-catching appeal. Even when the viewer looks at the ad, it takes a few seconds for him or her to realize what is occurring. Along with that, the only clear indication of what the product actually is, is the name of drink in the bottom right corner.


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Hirshhorn Museum

Image belongs to Hirshhorn Museum

During my visit to the Hirshhorn Museum, there were various types of people. Mainly consisting of families, students, and older people, the people appeared to be enjoying themselves. The families and elderly slowly walked around the exhibits, while the students seemed to be taking notes and observing the art. Most of the people who I could overhear at the museum were whispering to each other what they thought of the works. Some would try to explain what was going on in the art, while others would simply say whether they liked it or not. As for people’s professions, apart from the students, I can only predict that they are at least middle-class and have a well paying job.

Berger’s reading ties into the work at the Hirshhorn because the museum is very open about artwork. The Hirshhorn is a public place where people go to view art and become appreciative for other people’s work and creativity. Berger’s reading ties into this because of his explanation of mystification. He said that mystification is a way to hide things that people do not know about. I think the Hirshhorn is a way to show that mystification, through art, to all types of people. Even if people do not go to museums, there are many other places to go to find art.

I liked the Directions exhibit. With our current lifestyles, overusing and polluting the earth is something everyone should be worried about. Although I’m not the greatest person on being “green”, I understand we should take care of the planet for the future. I thought Gerrard’s work was clear in its message about human’s living and the way they affect the earth. His work did remind me of a video game. The perspective and presentation of each scene, helped put the viewers right in the middle of the scene.

The film Next Floor was interesting to watch, as well as see the reactions of the other viewers. Overall, I thought the film was a bit over the top and showed how animalistic people can actually be, even in modern days. But since this was art, it is expected that Greenberg wanted to evoke these types of emotions from viewers. After reading the description, my thoughts on the film changed. I didn’t expect that Greenberg was trying to show how people’s lives are so greatly impacted by food.

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