Business Card

Italian Catering Services

The overall composition of the “Italian Catering Services” business card is simple. I wanted the card to have a straightforward design that contains only the bare information of the company. To a potential customer, the card tells him or her the name of the service, the owner, the location, and a method of contact. However, instead of putting a lot of text, which would cover the image, I allow the picture to show the food quality that is the real focus of the company. In my opinion, the image on the business card should be a large part of what convinces the potential customer to use the service. But along with the clean and professional appearance of the card, the customer is able to see what the company has to offer.

My original sketch and image were different than what I ended up using. The image I chose to use focuses more on the prepared food, while the previous picture I was going to use focused on the food’s preparation. My composition changed somewhat due to the different picture, but I still kept the concept of simplicity. Although I ended up putting the majority of text on the right side, the hierarchy and sizing in still similar.



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5 responses to “Business Card

  1. Hey David, I absolutely love your business card. It is simple yet gives the viewer a lot of information about the catering service and shows the viewer how delicious the food looks! It was a good idea to have the business card be more image than text, because the image of the food is more important to attracting customers to the service. The business card looks very clean and organized and the amount of detail in your close proximity to the bread shows how good the food is.
    I like how you focused on the finished product instead of the food’s preparation because I think it gives the card a more polished look. I think more people would appreciate the finished food than the way that they prepare the food, although that would have been an interesting idea. I would definitely eat here!

  2. David,

    I also enjoyed your business card. I got a little hungry just looking at it. You took a seemingly simple image and made it really appealing and used it well to push the idea of your business. The layout was ideal because the darker parts of the image help to accentuate your contact info. Also, I felt like the food you chose left a lot to the imagination because if the bread looks that good, I can only imagine what the rest would look like. Well done.

  3. Prof. Hendrick

    Nice font choice – it fits the mood and the business. Your image also works well. The border reinforces the professional/elegant mood and also helps the type stand out.

    Well done!

  4. Abby

    Hey David,

    I love your business card! It is really simple but it says everything that it needs to. I agree that it is better that you showed the finished product rather than the preparation. Seeing the actual finished product (which looks delicious) make me really want there.

    I also really like the way your card is laid out. There is a nice balance between the picture and the text. Also, I like how you varied the text size. The Name of the company is the largest and therefore it really stands out. The other information is still important and visible but it is not overwhelming.


  5. Hey David! Your business card is rockin’ – the image really fits the message, so the client knows what they are getting. The composition of your photograph is really great too – I think this especially counts for the kind of bread that was photographed, in that there was a strong contrast between the white center and the brown crust, which then played nicely against the dark lighting. The colors are at the foreground, while allowing the back to have more depth.
    I also dig your use of the rule of thirds – the most eye-grabbing part is the bread in the lower left-hand corner. The fact that there isn’t just butter on it, but chopped garlic, adds to the delicious texture. You’re clearly a photography person – your eye for those details is fabulous.

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