No Fear Advertisement

Successful Advertisement

The visual elements are very strong in the No Fear Advertisement. The most prominent area of the ad is the figure in the air on the snowboard. Behind the figure is a dark graphic of a wing, which looks as if it is coming out of the snowboarder’s back. Along with the figure, a second visual element is the text, “Air Wear”, in all capitals with a scuffed texture. Because the snowboarder has a wing and is in the air it reminds me of the appearance of an angel. The text’s texture reminds me of a heavily scratched snowboard that would be because of a lot of use. Aside from the actual product of their “extreme” clothing, the ad seems to be selling the lifestyle and idea that snowboarders are intense people who will do anything.

Out of the Seven Principles, number five is the most relatable to the No Fear advertisement. “Visual images often rely on metaphor and mythic thinking.” This principle is relatable to the ad very well because of the graphics behind the snowboarder. Not only is there a graphic of a wing coming out of the figure’s back, but there are also lines originating from the figure as if it were rays of light. This image is reminiscent of an angel coming down from heaven, only as a snowboarder.

The ad relies heavily on the viewer’s background knowledge. Without the viewer recognizing the visual elements of a representation of an angel, the ad would not be as effective.

Compared to the company’s other ads, this advertisement is similar. The most similar elements are the use of graphics in their images. Along with the graphics, the text has a similar appearance with the rough textures.

I envision the target audience of this ad to be active teenagers who like snowboarding and similar sports.

This ad is successful overall due to its eye-catching text and image. With the combination of the bright colors, the black color of the snowboard also helps bring your eye to the center of the ad, where the text “Air Wear” is located.


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